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It All Began…

Jocko’s Root Beer Stand

The story actually begins many years before anyone had ever heard of Famous Recipe when in 1949 Jocko & Shirley Diveley borrowed $500 from his dad to build Jocko’s Root Beer Stand on Georgetown Road. This drive-in quickly became a popular meeting place and people flocked from all around the county for an ice cold mug of root beer and a Joy Boy, their signature sandwich.

In 1956 he added a Putt-Putt Golf Course and operated the location with great success for 6 more years until in 1961, the business was forced to close when construction began on Interstate 74. The once popular drive-in gave way to the east-bound ramp onto the new Interstate.

Jocko & Shirley

Shortly thereafter, Jocko & Shirley bought the old New York Central Freighthouse on the corner of Gilbert & Williams and in 1965 razed the building to make way for a new and at that time, unknown venture. One year later he happened upon a brand new concept called Famous Recipe Fried Chicken which oddly enough, was co-founded by Colonel Sanders nephew, Lee Cummings.

The rest is history, in 1967 Famous Recipe Chicken opened in Danville.

Event Timeline


Jocko purchases and razed the New York Central Freighthouse building


Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken opens in Danville, IL


Jocko opened a new franchise venture by the name of Pizza Inn right next door to the existing Famous Recipe

– Famous Recipe corporate opens its 100th store.


Shoney’s purchases the rights to the company


Danville store remodels to the farmhouse image


Danville store does major exterior & interior remodel


Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken Danville celebrates 50 years!